Mission Minder lets organizations manage their mission trips and team members at the low rate of $4.99 per trip, per month. With no limit on team members. And if your organization manages more trips you can choose from one of the following affordable subscription plans.

  • 10 trips $29.00
  • 20 trips $39.00
  • 30 trips $49.00
  • Unlimited trips $79.00
  • All packages are billed monthly

After your 30 day free trial you will will have the opportunity of choosing one of these monthly subscription plans. Since they are billable monthly you may adjust or cancel your subscription at any time.

If your organization chooses to use our optional online fundraising tools, Mission Minder will automatically deduct processing fees. Please click on Compare Pricing link below to view these costs. There are no fees for donations received via check, cash or other means.

[ Compare Pricing ]

Although MissionMinder cannot guarantee the tax-deductibility of any particular donation, gifts given to registered non-profit organizations will typically be issued a tax-deductible receipt by that organization for the full amount of their gift. In such cases, the receiving organization, neither MissionMinder nor WePay, will be responsible to issue any tax-deductible receipts.

MissionMinder partners with WePay (a payment processing service similar to PayPal) to process donations made online with credit and debit cards; no merchant account is required. All online donations are deposited into a WePay account that Team Administrators manage on behalf of their team and organization. Funds are automatically transferred from your WePay account to your organization's bank account daily, weekly or monthly as preferred. Reports are available detailing the specific gift amounts, donors and designation (team member) of all transactions associated with each such transfer.
Yes! Each Administrators can enable option online fundraising tools, thereby giving each Team Member a personal fundraising webpage, link and Facebook plug-in they can use to share about their mission trip with friends, family and potential donors. Online donation details display immediately in their MissionMinder account, and team members can even choose to receive a text message each time an online donation is processed.
Team leaders can access a detail or summary view of each team member’s fundraising activity, and all online gifts are labeled according to project and team member.
Online gifts are deposited into a WePay account that you as an Administrator manage on behalf of your organization. Cleared funds are transferred to your organization's bank account daily, weekly, or monthly as preferred.
A portion of each donation may be held by WePay for up to seven days maximum to help protect users from credit card chargebacks, mistakes or fraud. After 7 days, all net funds (minus processing fees) are typically available for withdrawal.

Yes! Off-line donations (like checks received in the mail or cash gifts) can be manually entered into the system by Administrators or Assistants.

Funding totals and reports are automatically updated to reflect the new gift totals. As noted earlier, there are no fees on donations received via check, cash or any means other than received online through MissionMinder online fundraising pages.

No. MissionMinder is hosted in the cloud and is always available and always up-to-date. All you need is an Internet connection and browser to access your account. MissionMinder also works with smartphones and tablets.
Yes, you can assign administrative privileges to more than one person, such as an assistant or team leader, to help manage a project.
You can add an unlimited number of team members to each project. We do have soft limits to prevent abuse, but a typical customer will only use a fraction of this amount.
We offer generous amounts of space to store project files. Though most users will never approach full capacity, we do limit file storage to 500mb per project. If you need more space, please contact us.
All raised funds online will stay in WePay accounts until withdrawn. Neither MissionMinder nor WePay can facilitate the return of funds to the originating donor. You may choose to manually return funds (minus processing fees) per your discretion. If you delete your MissionMinder account, associated WePay accounts will remain active until all funds are withdrawn.

The answer is based upon your internal policy (Each church or organization has its own policy, but most do not return unused funds to donors but rather apply them to the project or missions budget).

Your only option is to transfer the funds from WePay to your organization (minus Missionminder and WePay fees), and return funds to the donor per your discretion.

Yes. All access to your account requires a password, and all transmissions are secured by 256-bit SSL encryption. Also, there’s no need to worry about backing-up or losing your data, – everything is hosted in the cloud and backed-up daily online.