Emily's City Project Page | Summer 2017

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Emily's City Project Page | Summer 2017

Emily Kendall with Mercy Hill Church - Greensboro, NC

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for finding your way over to my support raising page! I’m here to briefly explain a priceless opportunity I have this coming summer. It is called City Project, and it’s a mission project through Mercy Hill Church in Greensboro, NC.

I began my walk with God as a Christian close to two years ago, the summer after I graduated high school. I first became a member of Mercy Hill Church when I came to North Carolina to attend High Point University in August of 2015. Immediately, I became immersed in Mercy Hill’s college ministry as well as religious life on HPU’s campus, and I’ve since become a Kids Ministry team member at Mercy Hill, serving in the two year olds classroom during church services every Sunday.

City project is an eight-week opportunity for college students such as myself in which we are trained to grow deeper as disciples of Christ. As a part of City Project, I will spend several weeks in Greensboro receiving theological and ministry training, as well as participating in an internship with local ministries. Additionally, I will travel to New York City for one week and internationally for two weeks to engage various people with the gospel. In a nutshell, the overall goal of City Project is for me to leverage my entire life this summer for the gospel of Jesus.

I am asking you to consider being my partner in this great challenge and opportunity. If at all possible, even a small contribution of $75, $100, $150, or any other amount to assist with the $4800 cost would be greatly appreciated. I believe the return on our joint investment will yield eternal results! The biggest part of my support raising is due by April 29th, 2017. If you can assist me financially, you can give online at this very platform by clicking the green "Donate Now" button.

Most importantly, I ask for your prayers. Through the power of prayer, Jesus can perform mighty miracles. If you will pray, then I believe God will use me in immeasurably beneficial ways this summer. Please pray for the preparation of our entire City Project Team, for the financial needs to be met, for safety in travel. Pray for the church planters we work alongside, that they will have fruitful ministries. Finally, please pray that I will be sensitive and obedient in this life-changing experience. Thank you so much again for your time and support!

With Gratitude,


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Emily Kendall

Emily Kendall

Emily Kendall is really busy getting ready for the upcoming missions trip and will post some updates soon!

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richard kendall $(Hidden)

3 days ago

Anthony and Kathleen Cuozzo $1000.00

5 days ago

Paul and Christine Homon $50.00

6 days ago

Michelle Kuldell $20.00

This is GREAT!!!! :-)

2 weeks ago

Rick Kendall $350.00

So proud!!

2 weeks ago

Donald and Caroline Harding $(Hidden)

2 weeks ago

David and Monica Payne $(Hidden)

2 weeks ago

Robert and Angela Wagner $150.00

2 weeks ago

Alan and Adeline Landis $30.00

2 weeks ago

Donald and Gisele Payne $50.00

2 weeks ago

Linda Hose and Family $50.00

2 weeks ago

Amanda Barnhard $50.00

You go girl!! We will be praying for you!!

3 weeks ago

Brian and Rebecca Katz $100.00

3 weeks ago

J Ross and Corinne Luck $50.00

3 weeks ago

John and Mary Wagner $50.00

3 weeks ago

Cathy McCloy $(Hidden)

3 weeks ago

Elizabeth Higgins $75.00

This is a wonderful opportunity.
God Bless you!!
Beau and Liz Higgins

4 weeks ago


2 months ago