Gabriella's Mission Trip to Peru

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Gabriella's Mission Trip to Peru

Gabriella Sampedro with Mercy Hill Church - Greensboro, NC

Hey all!

Thanks so much for visiting my support page! During my time in college, I’ve been blessed to be a part of Mercy Hill Church, which has pushed me to live out the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share it with others. I’ve been given the opportunity to serve the Lord in Peru this summer for three months through Mercy Hill, and I am incredibly excited! During this time, I will serve alongside missionaries Carlos and Meredith Block in the central Amazon jungle of Peru. They have been serving the Yanesha community there since 2012 and have seen the Lord work in incredible ways. This is an excellent opportunity for me to be obedient in fulfilling the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19, "Go therefore and make disciples of ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. Additionally, this experience will help me develop a deepened heart and mind for God, explore His mission, and better understand what it means to leverage my life for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Like many Latin American countries, Peru’s predominate religion is Roman Catholicism, which remains influential in daily activities. Slowly though, the church is losing its dominance. Since 1970, the Gospel has been spreading at a relatively rapid rate among the urban poor and native populations. There is also growing apathy toward religion in general. The missionaries I am partnering with long for this ignorance of and apathy towards the Gospel to change. Around the 1970s, the Bible was translated into Yanesha for the first time, and there was a spiritual awakening for the Yanesha people. The problem surrounding this awakening was the follow up. There was no strong Christian leadership in the Yanesha churches, and this weak theological leadership created apathy within the Yanesha as time passed.

In my time in Peru, I hope to help change this problem. I will be helping Meredith and Carlos with the teams that come for mission trips as well as visiting and teaching in Yanesha high schools with the intention of sharing the Gospel. By focusing on community and evangelism, especially with the Yanesha youth, I hope to aid Meredith and Carlos in their vision of an indigenous movement of healthy churches resulting in Gospel penetration and transformed lives of the next generation for the glory of God in the central Amazon jungle of Peru.

The Lord has been faithful in the process of this trip so far, and I know He will continue to be! I cannot express in words how excited I am for this opportunity to share the gospel with the Yanesha people, and I would love for you to join me in this venture! I welcome you to partner with me in prayer leading up to and throughout this journey. I would also love for you to partner with me financially. In order to make this summer possible, I need to raise $3,000, which will not be possible without your prayers and generosity. Would you consider giving $100, $150, $200, or any other amount in order for the gospel to go forth in Peru? Generosity truly fuels the mission of God. I have assurance that the Lord will be with me throughout this journey, and I thank you for your support!

In Christ,
Gabriella Sampedro

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Gabriella Sampedro

Gabriella Sampedro

Gabriella Sampedro is really busy getting ready for the upcoming missions trip and will post some updates soon!

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Juan Sampedro $500.00

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Gabriele Brennan $75.00

What a wonderful mission!! Enjoy your trip!

3 days ago

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Sheila Peluso $250.00

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Debbie Kalriess $150.00

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Taylor Coakley $50.00

I love you, sweet friend!!

1 month ago

Brian Webb $(Hidden)

1 month ago

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Martha Dossmann $50.00

You have grown to be such a beautiful young lady with an even lovelier soul. You will do wonderful things. Best wishes 😘

1 month ago