Olivia's City Project to Thailand

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Olivia's City Project to Thailand

Olivia Young with Mercy Hill Church - Greensboro, NC

Thank you for visiting my MissionMinder page. I'm very excited about my upcoming mission trip and very thankful for all your prayers and support. Please visit this page often to read updates about my trip and to see how support raising is going. Thanks again!

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Olivia Young

Olivia Young

Olivia Young is really busy getting ready for the upcoming missions trip and will post some updates soon!

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Joanne Boyle $250.00

3 days ago

Stephanie & Jonathon Laurenza $50.00

I expect only a postcard in return, and you can bring it back with you so you don't have to pay postage. ;)

4 days ago

Sara Carlin $(Hidden)

It is a great thing you are doing going to Thailand to share God's love!

2 weeks ago

Daney Carlin $(Hidden)

2 weeks ago

Jamie D Murray $100.00

3 weeks ago

Dianne Zollner $(Hidden)

Go Liv!!!

3 weeks ago

Roger and Joan Boyle $300.00

4 weeks ago

Elaine Young $300.00

1 month ago

High Point University Qubein $50.00

1 month ago

Lyntessa May $10.00


1 month ago